FOS Scorpio BSW HP

High performance version , professional Beam/Spot/Wash moving head, 260 watt Led source 7500K, zoom 2.5°-36°, antireflection 136mm front lens, 11 colors , 16 static gobos, 6 rotating indexable gobos, frost filter, motorized focus, 3 facet prism , powercon in/out.

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Professional Beam with Super Prisms (16 facet+24 facet prism) and powerful, ultra bright OSRAM 7R Lamp (2000 hours) , 3 phase P/T motors , Solid Beam angle: 2.5° ,Anti-reflection 136mm front lenses , Control Channel:14/16 DMX ,11 colors , 16 gobos , Frost filter, Motorized focus from near to far (2.5M-30M) , 13.2kgs.


Professional pixel control Led bar for wall washing and stages, 18 RGBW+ Amber 12w LEDs (4in1), Beam aperture: 40°,Auto programs with speed adjustment , 99cm

Showtec Compact Par 18 MKII Black

The Compact Par 18 MKII Black is a compact but powerful spotlight. It is equipped with eighteen 3-in-1 RGB LEDs, which, in combination with powerful optics, guarantee a perfect performance in all situations. The Compact Par 18 MKII has an IEC input and output for easily connecting various devices. Due to the compact aluminium construction, this device is particularly suitable for use in small rooms or as truss-mounted interior lighting.

Stairville MH-x30 LED Beam Moving Head

The Stairville MH-x30 LED Spot Moving Head is a Spot Moving Head with a Compact moving head, For small and medium sized stages or events, With spot optics and impressive performance, With gobo and colour wheel, Motorized focus, High light output, Pan and tilt inverse adjustable via display, Automatic pan and tilt correction, Colour wheel with 7 colours + split colours + open and colour pass in both directions with speed regulation, Gobo wheel with 7 rotatable and indexable gobos, Motorized focus, Fan cooling, Including Power Twist cable & Digital display.

Showtec Stage Blinder 2 DMX

The Stage Blinder 2 DMX is an active version of the already popular Stage Blinder 2.
It has a built-in 1 channel dimmer so that the Stage Blinder can be controlled and dimmed by DMX.

Cameo WOOKIE 400 RGB Animation Laser

Projecting animations with red, green and blue color mixes the WOOKIE 400 RGB delivers an output of 400 mW from 3 mm beam diameter diode and DPSS lasers with no more than 2 mrad divergence.
The Wookie Series animation laser lights provide vibrant, highly visible animations with precision beams, 32 lively pattern presets and high speed 5 Kpps stepper motors with a 60° scan angle. They are controllable via DMX in 3-channel and 9-channel modes, the integrated microphone with adjustable sensitivity and capable of master, slave and standalone operation. Each Wookie laser light sports a compact, high quality aluminium enclosure with 3-pin DMX connectors, IEC mains inlet and adjustable mounting bracket. A key switch prevents unauthorized use, and the bright display with four function keys allows easy manual operation. The Wookie Series laser lights come with a convenient infrared remote control.

Eurolite LED Bar-12 QCL RGB+UV

12 powerful 4 W RGB + UV LEDs (4-in-1). Integrated show programs in car and music mode. Direct colour selection for 20 colours. Continuous RGB + UV colour mixing, colour changing, colour fade, dimmer and strobe effect. Addressing and settings via Strobe tax unit with 4 - Digit LED display. Compatible with QuickDMX – the wireless DMX system from EurolitePhantom powered USB socket for QuickDMX receiver (accessories). Swivel mounting bracket. Power connections for easy connection of up to 8 devices. Switching power supply technology for mains voltage between 100 voltage between and 240 VoltLED: 12 x high-power 4 W 4-in-1 QCL RGB/UV (homogeneous colour mixing). Operated in 2; 4; 5; 6; 9 CH DMX mode. The device cooling takes place via passive convection cooling. Controllable via stand-alone; DMX; music control via microphone; master/slave. FunfunctionIIs In light J software; Eurolite LED PC control 512 software; Easy show already pre-programmed, flicker-free projection. Effect: Strobe effect, UV effect

FOS Helix Ultra

Ultra high power wash led fixture with pixel ring,19x40watt RGBW leds controlled pixel by pixel, linear zoom 4°-60° led round ring with dynamic patterns, vortex effect,color temperature adjustment, 28,38,102,114 DMX channels, theater mode, 525x380x560mm 16kg.